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What are the types of mobile phone chargers? How to choose a mobile phone charger


What are the types of mobile phone chargers
Chargers are classified by use
1. Travel charger: This type of charger is compact, easy to carry, and can charge removable batteries. However, with the popularity of non-removable batteries, such chargers are gradually reduced.
2. Seat charger: unique in appearance, novel and beautiful, convenient to carry, and built-in intelligent identification circuit, which can automatically change the output polarity of the charger to apply to the positive and negative poles of the battery, with the best charging effect.
3. Multi-port rechargeable charger: This type of charger has multiple USB charging ports, which can charge a variety of digital products such as mobile phones and tablets, and is very suitable for home use. However, such chargers tend to be large and slow to charge.
4. On-board charger: a charger that uses the general power supply on the vehicle as the power supply device.