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How many watts does it take to charge the mobile phone


Mobile phone charging takes 5w.
1. Mobile phone accessories include: LCD screen, flat cable, touch screen, mobile phone buttons, camera, shell, battery, charger, mobile power supply, Bluetooth headset, remote headset, data cable, etc.
2. Mobile phone charging precautions: do not charge the mobile phone for too long. Do not keep the mobile phone in a charged state, otherwise, the service life of the battery will be shortened. The battery power of the mobile phone should be kept at about 50% to 70%. When charging, when the mobile phone prompts that the battery is fully charged, remove the charging plug immediately.
3. The power of the mobile phone charger can be obtained from the parameters on the charger label. The label of the mobile phone charger is usually marked with input voltage and output current. The power calculation formula is voltage times current, and the power can be calculated.