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Mobile phone suddenly charges slowly! What should I do?


The mobile phone suddenly charges slowly. There may be a problem with one of the mobile phone, charger or data cable. We need to check and solve the problem one by one to restore the charging speed of the mobile phone to normal.
As an important production and entertainment tool in people's life, mobile phones are becoming more and more important. In order to make people have a better experience of using mobile phones, the battery capacity of mobile phones is getting larger and larger, and the power of chargers is also getting higher and higher.
With the great increase of charging power, we found it difficult for mobile phone chargers produced by various manufacturers to be universal at the highest power. Apple and other companies even added identification chips to the data line, and the unrecognized devices could not even get a better experience when charging.
When you find that the charging speed of your mobile phone suddenly slows down, you need to check your device one by one, determine the defective accessories and replace them to regain the normal charging speed.