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What to do when the mobile phone is charging while it is powered down


Replace the original charger, keep low temperature charging, replace the battery, keep low temperature charging, reconnect the charger, turn off the mobile phone to run large software, turn off the running background, change the standard current charging, and fully charge the mobile phone.
Replace the original charger: use the official standard original charger and data cable to charge the mobile phone.
Replace the battery: If the battery is abnormal, replace it with a new battery and go through the after-sales service process.
Keep low temperature charging: try to keep the mobile phone in a low temperature state for charging. It is best to keep the initial temperature during charging.
Reconnect the charger: It may be caused by poor contact of the mobile phone charging connector. Reconnect the mobile phone to the charger. If not, it is recommended to replace the mobile phone charging cable.