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Distinguish between power adapter and charger


Many people know that the power adapter started with the notebook computer, and that bulky thing is undoubtedly the power adapter. If we think about it carefully, we will find that what we think of as a power adapter only stays on the laptop. In addition, it is difficult to distinguish what is a power adapter and what is a charger. For example, the following is a power adapter, but we always think it is a charger.
In fact, power adapters are used in routers, printers, telephones, game consoles, massagers, repeaters, LCD screens, cash detectors and other devices. With the power adapter, small portable electronic devices and appliances become external power supplies. Only one line is needed to connect the main equipment, which can reduce the size and weight of the equipment. Of course, there are very few devices that have power supplies built into the host.
The power adapter
Disassembling an AC/DC conversion adapter, we can see that there are transformers, four diodes for bridge rectification, and electrolytic capacitors for filtering. The power adapter is actually an interface transfer device, which plays the role of voltage stabilization and stably introduces AC/DC power into the electrical equipment. Once there is no AC/DC power supply in this process, the power adapter cannot work normally.