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September, October, November, 19 (continued) "I want to chat with you"

Macron started the "I want to chat with you" section every month in September. This section is designed to give employees and leaders face-to-face communication opportunities. Each month, two department heads select employees to chat one-on-one. The content of the chat includes not only the current situation of the work,

October 25, 19th, tug-of-war competition

In order to alleviate the pressure in the peak season, soothe the mind and body, and keep fit, Mcrote held a tug-of-war competition. The schedule was compact and the competition was wonderful. There were 8 teams and 7 games. The 8 teams were: Iron Man, Supreme Team, Spider-Man. , Panthers, Captain America, Raytheon, Hulk, Ants! In the end, the US team leader won the championship, the prize was a pair of badminton rackets (including badminton), and the Iron Man team won the runner-up. The prize was a pair of table tennis bats (including table tennis).

September 12, 19 Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Activities

Mid-Autumn Festival, reunion moment, Macro has a box of peach mountain moon cakes for each employee, including Ziyu Huaishan, Mandheling coffee, red wine cranberry and matcha. In addition, as a traditional Chinese festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also indispensable for garden activities: guessing riddles, ferrules, bowling, shooting moon cakes; many game projects, prizes are naturally rich: shower gel, facial cleanser, wipes, etc. . In the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, he showed his own game skills and harvested a practical package.

July 2, 19, security activity month event

Every June in the month of safety activities, Macro will organize the company in addition to pulling banners, doing security posters, employee signatures and other basic actions, and will also hold safety knowledge training and question and answer activities, fire emergency activities. Among them, the safety knowledge quiz activities are rich in prizes, including massagers, combs, paper towels, thermos cups, eye masks, etc., and everyone's participation is very high, not only letting employees learn safety knowledge, but also get their favorite prizes.

June 6th, 19th Dragon Boat Festival

At the Dragon Boat Festival, Macro has prepared a box of exquisite gift boxes for each employee. This year's scorpion is not ordinary, there are scallops with fresh meat, chestnuts, fresh meat, traditional steamed oysters and so on. The leader also personally distributed the donkey to every employee.

June 1, 19th Children's Day

The activities of Macro's Children's Day are rich and colorful, which brings a full children's day experience to the children's children. The carefully selected hundreds of colorful gifts, including Marvel theme toys, induction aircraft remote control cars, dolls, books, puzzles, benefits Wisdom toys, small musical instruments, etc., each child can draw lots; in addition, McDonald's Children's Day party is arranged: DIY burger, DIY cake, and Ms. McDonald's interaction, etc., so that employees and children can also appreciate Macro's cultural temperature is proud of her parents.

March 31, 19, first quarter employee birthday meeting

Macro has carefully prepared a birthday present for each employee. The corporate culture sister will create an exclusive birthday poster for each birthday colleague of the functional department and send it to the company group on the employee's birthday, and receive a birthday present on the birthday; workshop staff A birthday party is held every quarter to spend happy hours with colleagues in the same quarter. The birthday gifts will vary according to the season.

March 8, 19 Makeup class

On March 8 Women's Day, as the exclusive festival for the little fairies, the company specially invited the female compatriots to have a multi-experienced makeup teacher to carry out the makeup class, teach you how to choose makeup, how to make makeup, and be deeply influenced by the little fairies. Like, in the classroom, everyone listens carefully, actively asks, communicates with each other, strives to be a model, and the scene is harmonious and interesting. In addition, Miss Corporate Culture also carefully selected a box of flower tea gift boxes and a box of perfume library, let everyone be a beautiful fairy!

February 19, 19, Yuanxiao Garden Activities

In order to reflect the company's care for employees, McLaren will hold a gardening event every year during the Lantern Festival. There are many kinds of games: guessing riddles, kicking scorpions, turning hula hoops, etc.; prizes are rich: travel storage bags, laundry liquid shower gel, toothbrush toothpaste, etc. Wait.
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